One Day or Day One.

It’s never the right time to start an Agile transformation

The best time, always, is now

In sales meetings with clients that are faced with business and organizational challenges, the question always arises: “Why now?”. If they don’t ask, we do.

Why do we ask? Because we want to make sure they understand there is no other option. We want to make sure that they have already realized that this is it, that this is the reality, and it will not change, neither will the workload.

There are many reasons why not:

  • High turnover rate of employees
  • We are going through a major business upheaval
  • We are stretched to the limit and there are a few very urgent projects
  • We are very stressed
  • Productivity is so low, we cannot slow down even further
למה לדחות למחר

A wise Chinese man once said: “The best time to plant a tree, was 20 years ago. The next best time is now”. 

If you think you are overloaded right now, could be that…


If it is truly a peak time, then perhaps it is better to delay it by a week or two. However, if this is not about a week or two – start today!

Let’s understand the benefits of an Agile transformation:
1. Increase productivity by tens of percent
2. Improve teams’ morale – increased commitment to the organization
3. Focus on the exact solution the market requires and avoid unnecessary work
4. Adapt to changes – increase your competitiveness

These benefits come with a price and require action. Can it be postponed to tomorrow?