Appian's Low Code Platform

Appian is a long-standing American public company, one of the pioneers of low code platforms in the world. The Appian platform has been declared a leader in low code platforms for the second year in a row according to Gartner’s annual ranking for 2020 and is the only leader in both the low code and automation fields.

Appian’s automation platform empowers organizations and enables them to build modern applications and digitalize and automate processes quickly, easily and simply, by integrating all the required elements in one platform: powerful workflow management mechanisms (BPM engine) and business rules engine which allows the automation of the most complex workflows, robust management and records capabilities, simple and easy integration with internal and external systems, built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities for performing repeated operations by the employee and much more.

The platform makes it possible to combine the benefits of humans, robots and software and harness them to easily carry out work processes together, while maintaining the ability to monitor and control the workflows and give an up-to-date status at all times. All this, at the speed of Low Code, which can accelerate the application’s development up to 20 times faster and reach full deployment within weeks instead of months.

Why Appian's Low Code Platform?

Among the main advantages of the platform:

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