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IT release is not a Drama! Market feedback loops shorten

Can you imagine releasing a version weekly? Daily? Whenever it is needed, and when a new capability is ready? Will this accelerate your business and your learning?

Agile principles call for frequent software releases to the market, to allow for valuable feedback and ensure that software is being used as early as possible. However, in many organizations, releasing is a drama. The enterprise architecture and delivery pipeline are not designed for frequent, safe and sustainable releases.

If your teams deliver Potentially Shippable Products every sprint, but updates are batched and introduced to production infrequently – you need to reconsider your DevOps strategy and implementation.


What are your key pain points? Which business metrics do you wish to improve – lead time, deployment frequency, Mean Time Between Failures (MTTR), time to restore service? 

Dr. Agile brings expertise to help you define your goals and metrics and push you to relentlessly improve over time. A host of best practices can be applied and perfected as the pipeline expands and becomes more robust. System architects need to be pulled in, develop a vision of where the pipeline needs to go, and spend much of their time understanding which pavement in the runway needs to be fixed next.

Keep in mind: The one common characteristic of high DevOps performers is that they always get better at what they do, attempt to achieve quick wins and propagate their learning across the organization; velocity of version updates does not contradict reliability, on the contrary – in high performing Tech organizations, improvements of these two key metrics are correlated.


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