Agile Method - Success Storie

Understanding and learning the customer

Industrial companies can contain between 40 – 10000 employees, as much
That the number increases so do the obstacles.
Sometimes the requirements Vs the results do not match, something does not work.

Employees work hard to meet management requirements but are unsuccessful, which directly affects the level of management which is also frustrated due to the situation that the company sets goals for itself and does not meet.

This is where the Agile method comes into play, by finding the problem and understanding the ambitions at the business level and the level of company morale (transformation), dividing into small teams (scale), learning work culture, forming teams and finally deciding on clear goals.

Success with Bank Hapoalim

When we arrived at Bank Hapoalim at the end of 2016, we saw that the company is in a maze, they are facing a new era where the banking applications are about to enter the market.
First we had to understand the problem, after thorough testing we realized that the root problem is the local optimum phenomenon – teams whose work gets stuck due to dependence on other units in the company, this situation simulates a traffic jam where one car is stuck and does not allow the other cars to drive.

To deal with this situation we divided the workers into small teams or as we call them trains, we taught them to work together, to be focused and to distinguish between problems that require reference and irrelevant problems.
In the first quarter of 2019, the first tribe was established in Bank Hapoalim, consisting of technology people, business leaders, content experts and other functions.
You ask yourself what are the results? After a year and a half, the company is able to respond quickly to immediate changes (delivery jumped in the range of 20% to 40%), through the agile process of releasing early versions to the market, understanding customer needs and thus achieving high results in minimum time thanks to early feedback.
In light of the success, the Bank decides to expand the concept of tribal organization to all the various departments in the Bank.


Success with maytronics

In September 2020, we entered maytronics, which manufactures robots for cleaning pools for the development division (solution), and we started the Agile method.
With the exception of the division manager who knew and believed in the Agile method, there were only a few in the entire organization who were partially familiar with the principles of the process.
The teams were divided according to expertise: systems engineering, product management, hardware, mechanics, firmware, software, quality control, support, production transfer and of course the group of project managers.
The main challenge was to drive change and change work patterns, but this was not a serious problem as the division head was determined to succeed in the agile method and made the entire management team go his own way.

After a month (at the end of October) at the height of the corona, we arrived at a Safe-style quarterly planning event. Of course in an open space, about 80 people were thrilled by this event which made a clear order through a neat plan for each team, a neat plan for each project, global prioritization, initial understanding of train interdependence and dependence on external teams, understanding which decisions to make immediately and which Decisions are less relevant and delayed.

In just three months, the development division had agile teams, managed on a scale, had agile positions, including managing an agile project and initial successes of the business agile in making immediate decisions and postponing them if necessary.
In conclusion, the process was exemplary for several reasons, firstly the management that conveys leadership, openness and commitment and attracts all units to engage in an agile process, a team of coaches that covers all the different aspects of transformation and the steering team’s involvement in change management, and HR aspects Of change.


Wherever you are in your Agile transformation, talk to our coaches to understand where you need to go.