Enterprise Scale

Fast trains synchronize at regular intervals

Have you implemented Agile at the team level, but hit a stumbling block when attempting to scale? 


Team level Agile excellence is an essential foundation in the Agile house. But scaling Agile is a whole different ballgame! It requires leadership to zoom out from optimizing isolated cogwheels to a system wide view. How often does your “production machine” generate value to customers? Is the feedback loop from customers channeled back into the decision-making process? Are you prepared to make the shift from silo-based functional organization to market-driven cross-functional release teams?


Scaled Agile is addressed by a number of industry tested frameworks and methodologies, Scale Agile Framework (SAFe)Spotify FrameworkLarge-Scale Scrum (LeSS), to name a few. The implementation journey is customized for every organization based on its business goals and DNA:

  • Select a methodology that best suits your organizational needs, culture and business goals
  • Customize “out-of-the-box” roles and responsibilities and ceremonies to avoid the “overhead effect” most organizations encounter
  • Build an implementation plan that takes into account organizational barriers, culture challenges, business metrics and objectives
  • Follow the execution via a number of program increments/quarters
  • Instill a culture of measurable objectives and continuous improvement at the team, program and portfolio level

Your cogwheels turn fast but the system runs slow?